Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Solids & Structures 123 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

 Abu-Farha, F.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Constitutive modeling of anisotropy and microstructural evolution during superplastic deformation
 Alsaleh, M.I., Voyiadjis, G., Alshibli, K.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Length scales evolution and localization phenomenon in sand
 Amabili, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Large-amplitude vibrations of doubly-curved shallow shells
 Amin, M., Antony, S.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Tri-axial deformation characteristics of Si-based particulate assemblies: a comparative study using DEM and atomistic simulations
 Andrade, J.E., Borja, R.I., Abstract  Full Text
 Fully implicit numerical integration of a hyperelastoplastic model for sands based on critical state plasticity
 Balzani, D.,Schröder J., Gross, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling of anisotropic hyperelasticity and discontinuous damage in arterial walls based on polyconvex stored energy functions
 Behr, M., Arnoux, P.J., Serre, T., Kayvantash, K., Brunet, C., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling active muscle behavior for emergency braking simulations
 Berazategui, D,A., Cavaliere, M.A., Montelatici, L., Dvorkin, E.N., Abstract  Full Text
 On the modeling of the Mannesmann piercing process
 Berger, C., Arz, U., Seybold, R., Abstract  Full Text
 Strength behaviour of aluminium bolts under static and cyclic loading
 Bessette, G.C., Abstract  Full Text
 Coupled Euler–Lagrange modeling of buried structure response to blast loading
 Birgisson B., Montepara, A., Roque, R., Romeo, E., Tebaldi, G., Abstract  Full Text
 The displacement discontinuity method for modeling fracture in the semi-circular bending test
 Bisagni, C., Abstract  Full Text
 An analytical formulation for the prediction of buckling and post-buckling of composite panels and shells
 Blanzé, C., Rouch, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Medium frequency computations of structures including interface uncertainties.
 Boffi, D., Gastaldi, L., Heltai, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Stability results for the finite element approach to the immersed boundary method
 Borowiec, A., Ziemianski, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Identification of stiffness reduction in beams using parameter-dependent frequency changes and neural networks
 Borri, C., Salvatori, L., Zahlten, W., Abstract  Full Text
 Finite-element time-domain simulations of bridge aeroelasticity: implementation and profiling.
 Brancherie, D., Villon, P., Ibrahimbegovic, A., Rassineux, A., Breitkopf, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Transfer operator based on diffuse interpolation and energy conservation for damage materials
 Bueno, E.M.R., Bucalem, M.L., Abstract  Full Text
 A comprehensive methodology for the modeling of diesel four-stroke engine pistons for variable engine speed conditions
 Bueno, E.M.R., Bucalem, M.L., Zabeu, C.B., Abstract  Full Text
 Thermo-transient and thermo-mechanical finite element modeling of a diesel four-stroke engine piston for variable engine speed conditions
 Bull, J.W., Woodford, C.H., Abstract  Full Text
 Methods of increasing fatigue life and reducing runway deflections following an explosion beneath a cement concrete runway
 Butz, A., Klinkel, S., Wagner, W., Abstract  Full Text
 A nonlinear piezoelectric 3D-beam finite element formulation
 Caillerie, D., Mourad, A., Raoult, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Confronting a mathematically derived constitutive law for the myocardium with experimental data
 Campo, M., Fernández, J.R., Hoarau-Mantel, T.-V., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical analysis of a quasistatic viscoplastic contact problem with friction and damage
 Carra, S., Amabili, M., Ohayon, R., Schotte, J.S., Abstract  Full Text
 Computational and experimental study of active vibration control of a rectangular plate coupled to liquid
 Celiker, F., Cockburn, B., Abstract  Full Text
 Superconvergence of hp-discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection–diffusion problems
 Celiker, F., Cockburn, B., Stolarski, H.K., Tamma, K.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Locking-free hp-discontinous Galerkin methods for Timoshenko beams
 Champaney, L., Boucard, P.A., Guinard, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Computational strategy for the analysis of bolted joints taking into account variability
 Chen, S., Tonon, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Inclusion properties for random relations under the hypotheses of stochastic independence and non-interactivity
 Chevreuil, M., Ladevèze, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Transient dynamic analysis over the low- and medium-frequency ranges for engineering structures
 Choï, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Some solutions to the asymptotic bending problem of non-inhibited shells
 Chung, J.H., Consolazio, G.R., McVay, M.C., Abstract  Full Text
 Finite element stress analysis of reinforced high-strength concrete columns in severe fires
 Chung, P.W., Clayton, J.D., Abstract  Full Text
 Computational method for mapping continuum deformations to crystal lattices containing defects
 Cottrell, M.G., Owen, D.R.J.,Abstract  Full Text
 Modelling of impact using adaptive discrete element techniques
 De Gersem, H., Moens, D., Desmet, W., Vandepitte, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Interval finite element analysis of large structures with uncertain parameters
 Dempsey, K.M., Vasileva, I.V., Abstract  Full Text
 On the forced dynamics of floating plates
 Diligenti, M., Freddi, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Softening cohesive interface analysis via boundary integral equations
 Eckhardt, R.B., Galik, K., Kuperavage, A.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Bounding uncertainty: computational mechanics used to analyze the structural correlates of early hominid locomotion
 Eidel, B., Gruttmann, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Anisotropic pile-up pattern at spherical indentation into a fcc single crystal – finite element analysis versus experiment
 Farahani, A., Konagai, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Application of joint time–frequency representation method in transient analysis of semi-infinte media
 Farkas, L., Moens, D., Vandepitte, D., Abstract  Full Text
 The interval finite element method for static structural analysis
 Faruque, M.O. Mallela, K., Zeng, D., Saha, N., Abstract  Full Text
 Effect of forming on crash performance of automotive structure – an analytical study
 Feng, Y.T., Han, K., Owen, D.R.J., Abstract  Full Text
 An energy-based polyhedron-to-polyhedron contact model
 Fugazza, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Damping properties of steel frame equipped with traditional and shape-memory alloy braces
 Furukawa, C.H., Bucalem, M.L., Chaves, C.E., Abstract  Full Text
 A parametric study of bulging factors for unstiffened and stiffened cylindrical shells
 Gao, W., Abstract  Full Text
 Dynamic analysis of stochastic structures using the random factor method
 Gardini, F., Abstract  Full Text
 A posteriori error estimates for an eigenvalue problem arising from fluid–structure interaction
 Gei, M., Mariano,P.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Dynamic coupling between phonon and phason dynamic modes in quasiperiodic alloys
 Gonçalves, P.B., Prado, Z.J.G.N., Silva, F.M.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Global stability of empty and fluid-filled imperfect cylindrical shells
 Górski, R., Fedelinski, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Evolutionary shape optimization of plates with reinforcements
 Grassl, P., Jirásek, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Plasticity with nonlocal damage, with application to concrete cracking
 Haldar, A., Huh, J., Abstract  Full Text
 Reliability evaluation of dynamic systems in time domain using nonlinear finite element method
 He, Z., Epureanu, B.I., Pierre, C., Abstract  Full Text
 Effects of unsteady aerodynamics on the dynamic response of mistuned bladed disks
 Hoyos, L.R., Arduino, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling response of unsaturated silty sand in three-invariant stress space
 Huang, B., Li, G., Shu, X., Abstract  Full Text
 Three-layered hot-mix asphalt mixture
 Huang, Y., Crouch, S.L., Mogilevskaya, S.G., Abstract  Full Text
 A direct boundary integral method for viscoelastic–elastic composite materials
 Johnson, S.M., Williams, J.R., Cook, B.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Contact detection between axially asymmetric ellipsoids in discrete element modeling
 Kaczmarczyk, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Generalized micro-to-macro transitions of microstructures for the first and second order continuum
 Kaminski, M., Abstract  Full Text
 A diversity of computer approaches in the homogenization of random composites
 Karamian-Surville, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical simulation on propagation of singularities through edges in thin hyperbolic shells
 Karšaj, I., Sansour, C., Soric, J., Abstract  Full Text
 An efficient numerical modelling of anisotropic structural behaviour in large strain elastoplasticity
 Khoei, A.R., Azami, A.R., Abstract  Full Text
 A three-invariant hardening cap plasticity for computational modeling of the powder compaction process
 Klinkel, S., Wagner, W., Abstract  Full Text
 A nonlinear piezoelectric mixed solid shell finite element formulation
 Kranjcevic, N., Stegic, M., Vrankovic, N., Abstract  Full Text
 Stability and bifurcation analysis of a two-degree-of-freedom system with clearances
 Krok, A., Waszczyszyn, Z., Abstract  Full Text
 Neural prediction of response spectra from mining tremors using recurrent layered networks and Kalman filtering
 Krysl, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Explicit Newmark algorithm for rotational dynamics
 Lammering, R., Yang, F., Mesecke-Rischmann, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Reliable finite elements for the analysis of piezoelectric shells
 Larson, M.G., Målqvist, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Adaptive variational multiscale methods for elliptic problems
 Lassen, B., Willatzen, M., Melnik, R., Abstract  Full Text
 A general treatment of deformation effects in Hamiltonians for nanoscale systems
 Laugier, P., Bossy, E., Jenson, F., Talmant, M., Padilla, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Finite-difference computation: a numerical tool for ultrasonic bone characterization
 Li, L.B/. Quek, S.T., Phoon, K.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Observations on non-Gaussian Karhunen–Loève expansions
 Liao, K.-C., Abstract  Full Text
 Applications of planar isotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal under a deep drawing simulation
 Lignos, D.G., Gantes, C.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Modal pushover analysis as a tool for evaluation and design of irregular frames
 Liu, T.J.-C., Chue, C.-H., Abstract  Full Text
 Mode III analysis of an interface crack in a bimaterial wedge made from magneto-electro-elastic media
 Liu, W.-J., Chue, C.-H., Abstract  Full Text
 Antiplane electro-mechanical field of a piezoelectric finite wedge under a pair of concentrated forces and free charges
 Löhr, M., Dinkler, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Stochastic analysis of steady-state aeroelastic instabilities
 Maciel, D.N., Coda, H.B., Abstract  Full Text
 Positional description for nonlinear 2-D static and dynamic frame analysis by FEM with Reissner Kinematics
 Mariano, P.M., Stazi, F.L., Gioffré, M., Augusti, G., Abstract  Full Text
 Stochastic clustering and self-organisation of phonon and phason modes in quasicrystals
 Mazúr, J., Kompiš, V., Novák, P., Abstract  Full Text
 FEM stress recovery using Trefftz polynomials
 Meštrovic, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Stochastic generalized differential quadrature formulation
 Mitra M., Gopalakrishnan, S., Abstract  Full Text
 A wavelet-based spectral finite element for analysis of coupled wave propagation in composite beam
 Montáns, F.J., Bathe, K.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Large strain anisotropic plasticity including effects of plastic spin
 Morris, J.P., Bonner, M.P., Abstract  Full Text
 Simulation of an extensive underground structure subjected to dynamic loading using the distinct element method
 Mounajed, G., Boussa, H., Grondin, F., Menou, A., Abstract  Full Text
 ‘Transient thermal creep’ of concrete: intrinsic behaviour or structural effect?
 Muscolino G., Palmeri, A., Abstract  Full Text
 A censored closure for predicting the extreme response of oscillators with non-linear damping
 Nayfeh, A.H., Younis, M.I., Abdel-Rahman, E.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Reduced-order modeling of MEMS
 Nguyen, B.N., Tucker, B.J. Khaleel, M.A., Abstract  Full Text
 A multiscale modeling approach to fatigue damage in discontinuous fiber polymer composites
 Noh, H.C., Abstract  Full Text
 A formulation for evaluation of uncertain response due to multiple uncertain material properties in in-plane and plate structures
 Novák, J., Abstract  Full Text
 Non-linear numerical modeling of historical masonry on a meso-scale
 O’Daniel J.L., Abstract  Full Text
 Computational examination of fluid–structure interaction problems in dams
 Orkisz, J., Milewski, S., Abstract  Full Text
 On higher-order approximation in the MFDM method
 Ou, Y.-L., Chue, C.-H., Abstract  Full Text
 Crack in a homogeneous piezoelectric material bonded to a functionally graded piezoelectric half plane
  Papados, P.P., Abstract Full Text
 Multi-bodies impacting a deformable structure
 Pellicano, F., Amabili, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Dynamic instability of circular cylindrical shells
 Perales, F., Monerie, Y., Dubois, F., Stainier, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical simulation of dynamical fracture in heterogeneous materials
 Poletaev, G.M., Rakitin, R.Y., Starostenkov, M.D., Abstract  Full Text
 Diffusion mechanism at grain boundaries in two-dimensional metals
  Prashant, A., Penumadu, D.,Abstract  Full Text
 Localization analysis for overconsolidated Kaolin clay behavior
 Recek, S., Lemaire M., Millard, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical Karhunen–Loève expansion of a covariance function on a multidimensional domain via the finite elements method
 Romanowski, H., Schröder, J., Abstract  Full Text
 A thermodynamically consistent formulation for transversely isotropic nonlinear ferroelectric hysteresis
 Rudolph, M.L., Gerya, T.V., Yuen, D.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Challenges in the visualization of a two-dimensional mantle dynamics simulation using one billion tracers
 Sachdeva, S.K., Nair, P.B., Keane, A.J., Abstract  Full Text
 A new projection scheme for linear stochastic problems
 Eldeen, S.A.S., Taniguchi T., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical simulation of the creep phenomenon of steel fiber reinforced concrete
 Sancho, J.M., Planas, J., Gálvez, J.C., Reyes, E., Cendón, D.A., Abstract  Full Text
 An embedded cohesive crack model for fracture of quasi-brittle materials
 Sarangi, F., Antony, S.J., Kuhn, M.R., Abstract  Full Text
 A hybrid DEM model suitable for micro and nano particulate systems incorporating long-range force contributions
 Scholz, D., Düster, A., Rank, E., Abstract  Full Text
 Model-adaptive structural FEM computations for fluid–structure interaction
 Shi, Y.F., Falk, M.L. Abstract  Full Text
 Uniaxial tensile test on an amorphous solid with embedded quasi-crystallites: a molecular dynamics study
 Shindo, Y., Narita, F., Mikami, M., Hayashi, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Dynamic bending and domain wall motion in piezoelectric laminated actuators under ac electric fields
 Siddharth, S., Carrero, J., Cockburn, B., Tamma, K.K., Kanapady, R., Abstract  Full Text
 The local discontinuous Galerkin method and component design integration for 3D elasticity
 Simunovic, S., Nukala, P.V.V.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling of strain rate history effects in BCC metals
 Skatulla, S., Sansour, C., Abstract  Full Text
 On meshfree computations of shells
 Spira, Y., Lackner, R., Mang, H.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical simulation of soil–support interaction as basis for the day-to-day decision process in NATM tunnel excavations
 Sun, H., Pan, N., Abstract  Full Text
 Mechanical properties of a woven fabric
 Telles, J.C.F., Tudela, C.A.R.V., Abstract  Full Text
 Crack problems with a NGF/OQM BEM formulation for the scalar wave equation
 Thomas, O., Luminais, E., Touzé, C., Abstract  Full Text
 Non-linear modal interactions in free-edge thin spherical shells: measurements of a 1:1:2 internal resonance
 Valavala, A., Upadhyay, C.S., Iyengar N.G.R., Abstract  Full Text
 Study of interaction curves for composite laminate with cutout
 Wang, Q., Quek, S.T., Abstract  Full Text
 Repair of delaminated beams via piezoelectric patches
 Wei, D., Rahman, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Dimension reduction at most probable point for higher-order reliability analysis
 Wu, R., Harvey, J., Abstract  Full Text
 Smeared crack approach for asphalt concrete
 Yin, H.M., Buttlar, W.G., Paulino, G.H., Abstract  Full Text
 A two-dimensional elastic model of pavements with thermal failure discontinuities
 Yuan, Y., Parks, D.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Mechanism-based constitutive modeling of L12 crystals
 Yvonnet, J., Chinesta, F., Abstract  Full Text
 A hybrid element-free Galerkin and natural element meshfree method for direct imposition of boundary conditions and faster three-dimensional computations
 Zeman, J., Abstract  Full Text
 Periodic unit cell-based simulation of materials with random microstructure
 Zhang, Ch., Mykhas’kiv, V.V., Stankevych, V.Z., Abstract  Full Text
 Time-harmonic analysis of a planar crack in an elastic half-space by BEM
 Zhou, X., Tamma, K.K., Sha, D., Abstract  Full Text
 A new arbitrary reference configuration (ARC) formulation for computational finite strain transient applications