Third M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics June 14–17, 2005  

Strength behaviour of aluminium bolts under static and cyclic loading

C. Berger*, U. Arz, R. Seybold
Institute for Materials Technology, Darmstadt University of Technology, Grafenstraße 2, D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany

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The increasing use of light metal alloys (e.g. magnesium and aluminum) in the automotive industry could lead into severe problems when components made of these alloys are fastened with conventional high strength steel bolts. These problems can be avoided, or at least reduced when aluminum bolts are used instead of steel bolts.

The knowledge about the endurance and the permissible load application of aluminum alloy bolts is low. This paper describes the results of investigations of the static and cyclic strength of high strength aluminum-alloy bolts as well in the as received condition and after aging at 120C and 150C for 1000 h to 4000 h.

Keywords:  Light metals; Bolts; Aluminium; Magnesium; Fatigue strength

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