Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Algorithms 35 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

 Adjerid, S., Issaev, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Superconvergence of the local discontinuous Galerkin method applied to diffusion problems
 Baig, M.M.I., Bathe, K.J., Abstract  Full Text
 On direct time integration in large deformation dynamic analysis
 Bourgault, Y., Ethier, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Comparison of numerical schemes for the bidomain model
 Buffa, A., Perugia, I., Abstract  Full Text
 Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of eigenvalue problems
 Cecchi, M.M., Pirozzi, M.A., Abstract  Full Text
  High-accuracy numerical methods for incompletely parabolic problems in fluid dynamics I: formulation
 Chatterjee, K., Poggie, J., Abstract  Full Text
  A two-dimensional floating random-walk algorithm for the solution of the nonlinear Poisson–Boltzmann equation: application to the modeling of plasma sheaths
 Chen, C.N., Abstract  Full Text
 Developments in extended differential quadrature-based discrete element analysis methods and time integration schemes
 Chen, M.-H., Cockburn, B., Reitich, F., Abstract  Full Text
 High-order RKDG methods for computational electromagnetics
 Chen, S., Weinan E., Shu, C.-W., Abstract  Full Text
 The heterogeneous multiscale method based on the discontinous Galerkin and the finite volume methods for hyperbolic problems
 Cheng, Z., Jeremic, B., Abstract  Full Text
 A return mapping algorithm for isotropic and anisotropic large deformations
 Chinchapatnam, P.P. Djidjeli, K., Nair, P.B., Abstract  Full Text
 Meshless domain decomposition schemes for nonlinear elliptic PDEs
 Cockburn, B., Ichikawa, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Superconvergence of linear functionals by discontinuous Galerkin approximations
 Sosa, J.L.C., De Souza Neto, E., Owen, D.R.J., Abstract  Full Text
 In-time implicit–explicit algorithm for nonlinear finite element analysis
 Dedner, A., Makridakis, C., Ohlberger, M., Abstract  Full Text
 A new stable discontinuous Galerkin approximation for non-linear conservation laws on adaptively refined grids
 Duddeck, F., Abstract  Full Text
 The Fourier boundary element method and its singularities
 Ewing, R.E., Geiser J., Liu, J., Abstract  Full Text
 Operator-splitting methods for transport equations with nonlinear reactions
 Frangi, A., Di Gioia, A., Novati, G., Abstract  Full Text
 Application of fast multipole methods to the analysis of MEMS
 Givelberg, E., Abstract  Full Text
 An algorithm for distributed immersed boundary computations
 Gravvanis G.A., Giannoutakis, K.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Normalized implicit preconditioned methods based on normalized finite element approximate factorization procedures
 Gravvanis, G.A., Giannoutakis, K.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Parallel normalized implicit preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for solving biharmonic equations on symmetric multiprocessor systems
 Grigoriev, M.M., Dargush, G.F., Abstract  Full Text
 Developments of multi-level boundary element methods for steady heat diffusion problems
 Javadi, A.A., Tan, T.P., Elkassas, A.S.I., Abstract  Full Text
 Intelligent finite element method
 Khan, A.A., Bil, C., Marion, K.E., Abstract  Full Text
 Real-time prediction of ship motion using artificial neural networks
  Lim, K.-M., Ong, E.-T., Lee, H.-P., Abstract  Full Text
 An accelerated boundary element method using fast Fourier transform on multipoles
 Munjiza, A., Rougier, E., John, N.W.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Towards one billion particle systems
 Munjiza, A., Rougier, E., John, N.W.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Virtual experimentation in the service of theoretical and experimental science
 Nerinckx, K., Vierendeels, J., Dick, E., Abstract  Full Text
 Mach-uniformity through the coupled pressure- and temperature-correction algorithm
 Persson, P.-O., Abstract  Full Text
 Size functions and mesh generation for high-quality adaptive remeshing
 Pnevmatikos, N.G., Gantes, C.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Sliding mode control for civil structures based on complex Fourier coefficients of the earthquake
 Quan, J., Von Estor., O., Abstract  Full Text
 A coupled EFGM–BEM approach for dynamic analyses of a halfspace including nonlinear effects
 Shen, W., Zhang, J., Yang, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Performance of ILUT preconditioners in modeling bioheat and mass transfer in skin thermal injury
 Shires, D.R., Henz, B.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Improving productivity for parallel finite element codes through software engineering
 Sudarshan, R., Amaratunga, K., Grätsch, T., Abstract  Full Text
 Error-estimation and adaptivity using operator-customized finite-element wavelets
 Tang, D., Attar, P.J., Dowell, E.H., Abstract  Full Text
 Experimental/theoretical correlation study of nonlinear aeroelasticity for a wing-store model with freeplay
 Tu, S., Aliabadi, S., Abstract  Full Text
 The space–time upwind cell-vertex scheme for conservation laws: a Riemann solver-free approach