Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Optimization & Design 30 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

 Adamus, J., Lacki, P., Abstract  Full Text
 An influence of the material discontinuity on the die forging process – numerical simulation
 Adduri, P.R., Penmetsa, R.C., Grandhi, R.V., Abstract  Full Text
 Bounds on structural system reliability in the presence of interval variables
 Ahmad, R., Gethin, D.T., Lewis, R.W., Ransing, R.S., Postek, E.W., Abstract Full Text
 Thermal optimisation of the squeeze-forming process using genetic algorithms
 Alyanak, E., Grandhi, R.V., Bae, H.-R., Abstract  Full Text
 Cavitator design for a supercavitating torpedo using evidence theory for reliability estimation
  Baitsch, M., Hartmann, D., Abstract  Full Text
  Towards lifetime optimization of hanger connection plates for steel arch bridges
 Borreca, S., Tumino, G, Gaudenzi, P.,Abstract  Full Text
  Thermal fluid–structure interaction on re-entry vehicle TPS
  Burczynski, T., Skrobol, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Coupled evolutionary algorithm and artificial neural network in defects identification
  Cai, X., Ladeinde, F.,  Abstract  Full Text
  Comparative studies of two POD methods for airfoil design optimization
 Daoud, F., Camprubi, N., Bletzinger K.-U., Abstract  Full Text
  Filtering and regularization techniques in shape optimization with CAD-free parametrization
 D’Ippolito, R., Donders, S., Tzannetakis, N., Van de Peer, J., Van der Auweraer, H., Abstract  Full Text
 A probabilistic approach to improve the static performance of a composite wing 
 Duddeck, F., Volz, K., Abstract  Full Text
  Evaluation of optimization algorithms for crash and NVH problems
 Fahimuddin, A.K.M., Krosche, M., Matthies, H.G., Abstract  Full Text
 An abstract interface for surrogate optimization in the PLATON framework
  Hacioglu, A.,  Abstract  Full Text
 Augmented genetic algorithm with neural network and implementation to airfoil design
  Hoyle, N., Bresslo., N. W., Keane, A.J., Abstract  Full Text
  Design optimization of an engine air intake
 Junghanns, A., Petzoldt, D., Dageförde, J., Meyer, M., Abstract  Full Text
  Towards automated optimization
  Khattri, S.K., Abstract  Full Text
  Quadrilateral mesh adaptation by area functional
 Kolanek, K., Abstract  Full Text
  Application of Markov chain Monte Carlo method for structural reliability
  Mladenov, D., Abstract  Full Text
 A nonlinear stability analysis of the support structure of a particle detetector
 Obiala, R., Seed, G.M., Topping, B.H.V., Iványi, P., Clark, D.E.R., Abstract  Full Text
 Genetic algorithm transformations for non-orthogonal models
 Peabody, A.B., McClure, G., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling the overhead power line post spring-damper using ADINA
 Rozza, G., Abstract  Full Text
  Real-time reduced basis techniques in arterial bypass geometries
 Schneider, P., Schneider, A., Schwarz, P., Abstract  Full Text
  A modular approach for simulation-based optimization of technical systems
  Talla, S.B., Deb, K., Sengupta, T.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Active control and drag optimization for flow past a cylinder at high Reynolds number using genetic algorithms
  Vanden Berghen, F., Abstract  Full Text
  Condor, a parallel, direct, constrained optimizer for high-computing-load, black-box objective functions
 Van Holten, Th., Heiligers, M.M., Abstract  Full Text
 The Ornicopter: a single rotor helicopter without reaction torque – a short overview
  Vassilas, E.C., Koumousis, V.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Cost–benefit analysis of conventional and seismic isolated R/C buildings
 Vijaya Bhaskar, K., Bressloff, N.W., Nair, P.B.,Abstract  Full Text
  Multi-objective shape optimization of the human carotid artery
 Volz, K., Duddeck, F.,Abstract  Full Text
 Crash optimization of car bodies in the concept stage of vehicle development
  Wauquieza, Ch., Kayvantash, K., Masfrandb, S., Bekkoura, T., Arnaudeau, F.,Abstract Full Text
 Mass minimization of vehicle structure subject to varying crashworthiness constraints: a prediction– correction approach
 Weickum, G., Allen, M., Maute, K.,Abstract  Full Text
 Design for reliability of stochastic dynamic systems by algebraically derived reduced order models