Third M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid MechanicsJune 14–17, 2005

Crash optimization of car bodies in the concept stage of vehicle development

Karlheinz Volz*, Fabian Duddeck

BMW Group, Knorrstr. 147, D-80788 Munich, Germany

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In this paper, a shape optimization method is presented for an industrial use in the early stage of car body development with respect to the vehicle's crashworthiness. Crash simulation requires the correct accounting for manufacturing parameters like spotwelds and flanges. Thus, they should be integrated properly in the optimization model. In addition, the industrial context implies that emphasis is put on an optimization strategy, which is efficient with respect to resources and time. To demonstrate the operational field and technical opportunities of this method, a smaller example of a thin-walled beam is chosen first. Based on these results, the method is then extended to an optimization problem for a frontal offset crash (EuroNCAP).

Keywords:  Crashworthiness; Car body; Concept stage; Parametric; Shape optimization; Evolutionary algorithms; Manufacturing parameters

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