Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Multiphysics 20 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

  Chiesa, M., Melheim, J.A., Abstract Full Text
  An efficient algorithm for the detection of neighbouring particles: prediction of the behaviour of a bubbling fluidised bed
  Chung, P.W., Abstract Full Text
  Simulations of alternative phases of space-filling graphene crystals under mechanical loads
  Degond, P., Gallego, S., Méhats, F., Abstract Full Text
  Numerical discretization of a fully quantum drift-diffusion model
  Doyle, M.G., Tavoularis, S., Bourgault, Y., Abstract Full Text
  Simulation of closed-loop flow in a ventricular assist device coupled with a circulatory system model
  Fedoseyev, A., Przekwas, A., Turowski, M., Wartak, M.S., Abstract Full Text
  Efficient quantum-mechanical model based on drift-diffusion approach for simulations of modern nanoscale devices
  Hasanyan, D., Librescu, L., Qin, Z., Young, R.D., Abstract Full Text
  Stress concentration near the corner point of a magnetoactive 2D compound wedge
  Horácek, J., Šidlof, P., Švec, J.G., Griffond-Boitier, F., Abstract Full Text
  Numerical simulation of human voice production using aeroelastic model of self-oscillations of the vocal folds and finite element model of the vocal tract
  Kumar, H., Roy, S., Abstract Full Text
  Finite element modeling of a two-fluid RF plasma discharge
  Meissner, U.F., Mueller, M., Ruben, J., Abstract Full Text
  Dynamically distributed and p-adaptive finite element simulation of soil–structure interaction based on multi-agent systems
  Poggie, J., Abstract Full Text
  Implicit, approximately-factored, upwind scheme for glow discharge modeling
  Solek, K., Mitura, Z., Kuziak, R., Abstract Full Text
  A numerical model of the resistance heating system for material tests on a Gleeble simulator
  Surzhikov, S.T., Shang, J.S., Abstract Full Text
  The hypersonic quasineutral gas discharge plasma in a magnetic field
  Suzuki, M., Toda, K., Yamamoto, M., Abstract Full Text
  Multi-physics simulation of sand-erosion phenomena on turbine blade
  Tang, D., Yang, C., Zheng, J., Woodard, P.K., Sicard, G.A., Saffitz, J.E., Yuan, C., Abstract Full Text
  Sensitivity analysis of 3D MRI-based models with fluid–structure interactions for human atherosclerotic coronary and carotid plaques
  Tijsseling, A.S., Vardy, A.E., Abstract Full Text
  Twenty years of FSI experiments in Dundee
  Trebotich, D., Miller, G.H., Colella, P., Graves, D.T., Martin, D.F., Schwartz, P.O., Abstract Full Text
  A tightly coupled particle–fluid model for DNA-laden flows in complex microscale geometries
  Valipour, M.S., Saboohi, Y., Abstract Full Text
  A non-isothermal, transient model of a non-catalytic reaction in a packed bed with a multi-component high-temperature gas mixture
  Velázquez, R., Hafez, M., Szewczyk, J., Pissaloux, E., Abstract Full Text
  Experimental and computational thermomechanical study of a shape-memory alloy micro-actuator: aspects of antagonist-type behavior
  Wartak, M.S., Weetman, P., Abstract Full Text
  Modelling of quantum well semiconductor lasers based on Green’s functions
  Zhang, J., Kwok, D.Y., Abstract Full Text
  Applications of the mean-field lattice Boltzmann method for solid–fluid interfaces to study interfacial phenomena