Third M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics June 14–17, 2005  

A non-isothermal, transient model of a non-catalytic reaction in a packed bed with a multi-component high-temperature gas mixture

M.S. Valipour*, Y. Saboohi
Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI), Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, PO Box 11365-9567, Tehran, Iran

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A mathematical model has been developed to simulate heterogeneous reactions with a complex set of physicochemical and thermal phenomena in a packed bed. These include the chemical reaction itself, the transport of gaseous species in the pores, the generation or consumption of heat by the reactions, and the transport of heat in the porous domain. Solution of complicated sets of governing equations is based upon the concept of a finite volume fully implicit approach. The model has then been applied to analyze the reduction of a hematite pellet in a moving packed bed reactor.

Keywords:  Gas-solid reaction; Porous media; Finite volume; Moving packed bed; Heat transfer

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