Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Plenary 7 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

  Ball, J.M. Abstract Full Text
  Open problems in elasticity
  Chapelle, D. Abstract Full Text
  Fundamental and applicative challenges in the modeling and computations of shells
  Domino, S.P., Ober, C.C., Robinson, A.C., Bickel, T.C. Abstract Full Text
  Applications of computational fluid mechanics at Sandia National Laboratories
  Ghoniem, A.F. Abstract Full Text
  Lagrangian methods in fluids and combustion
  Kraetzig, W.B. Abstract Full Text
  Computational mechanics and natural-draft cooling towers: from struggle for safety to designed lifespan
  Ladd, A.J.C. Abstract Full Text
  Simulations of particle-fluid suspensions with the lattice-Boltzmann equation
  Schuëller, G.I. Abstract Full Text
  On the treatment of uncertainties in structural mechanics and analysis