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Title Author
S.Moore and T David (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
A Bui, K Liffman, B Stanley, M Lawrence-Brown and J Semmens (CSIRO MMT)
S Ahmed, ID Šutalo and H Kavnoudias (CSIRO MMT)
K Chitra, S Vengadesan, T Sundararajan and P Nithiarasu (IIT Madras, India.)
K Inthavong, ZF Tian,  HF Li, W Yang, C Xue and C Li. (RMIT University)
M Sinnott, PW Cleary and M Prakash (CSIRO MIS)
TW Secomb, B Styp-Rekowska and AR Preis (University of Arizona)
LT Choi and Ji Tu (RMIT University)
HM Blackburn, SJ Sherwin (CSIRO MMT)
Sheard, G.J.and K Ryan (Monash University)
HF Li, ZF Tian, JY Tu, W Yang, GH Yeoh, CL Xue and CG Li (RMIT University)
HF Li, JY Tu, DK Shanmugam, CL Xue and CG Li (RMIT)


Title Author
VR Voller (St Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota)
L Zhang (Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway)
QF Hou, HY Wang, Q Yue, Z SZou and AB Yu (University of New South Wales)
M Prakash, J Ha, PW Cleary and J Grandfield (CSIRO MIS)
L Zhang (Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) Norway)
PW Cleary, J Ha, M Prakash and T Nguyen (CSIRO MIS)
S Shinde, P Jha, A Mujumdar and M Horio (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
K Satou, R Hirayama, K Fujisaki, S Taniguchi, S Satou (Tohoku University, Nippon Steel)

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Title Author
IS Lowndes, H Morvan, S Silvester, S Pickering, R Hart and Y Cai (University of Nottingham)
SS Hla, DJ Harris and DG Roberts (CRC for Coal in Sustainable Development, CSIRO Energy Technology)
D Maldonado, P Zulli, YS Shen, BY Guo and AB Yu (Bluescope Steel Research Laboratories)
YS Shen, BY Guo, P Zulli, D  Maldonado and AB Yu (University of NSW)
AV Bekker, I Livk and EV Polianczyk (CSIRO Minerals)
P Cisse, GA Karim and I Wierzba (University of Calgary)
M Miltner, A Makaruk, M Harasek and A Friedl (Vienna University of Technology)

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Title Author
S Pirker and D Kahrimanovic (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)
P Bunyawanichakul, M P Kirkpatrick, J E Sargison and G J Walker (University of Tasmania)
M Narasimha, MS Brennan, PN Holtham, A Purchase and TJ Napier-Munn (JKMRC)
V Singh, S Srivastava, R.Chaval, V Vitankar, B Basu, MCAgrawal (Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd)

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Title Author
GJ Oberman, TW Farrell, IW Turner and EA Sizgek (Queensland University of Technology)
AL Ljung, TS Lundström and K Tano (Division of Fluid Mechanics, Luleä, Sweden)
U Sjöström, M Lundqvist and O Eriksson (MEFOS, Sweden)
JR Gabites, J Abrahamson, J A Winchester (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

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     Electro-Magnetic Applications

Title Author
J Stiller, K Koal, K Fraña and R Grundmann (TU Dresden)
T Albrecht, R Grundmann, G Mutschke and G Gerbeth (Technics Universität Dresden)
A Bui, Y Zhu and K Petkovic-Duran (CSIRO MMT)

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     Environmental Flow Modelling

Title Author
RJ Haywood, GJ Brown, LJ Irons, M Stark (Hatch)
MR Behera and K Murali (Indian Institute of technology Madras, India)
TB Silvester and PW Cleary (CSIRO MIS)
B Tallapragada and R Kolluru (College of Engg. & Management, Midnapore, India)
SA Silvester, IS Lowndes, J Docx and S Kingman (University of Nottingham)

     Flows With Phase Change

Title Author
B Prast, B Lammers and M Betting (Twister BV)
C Marsh and D  Withers (CFD Design & Engineering, NZ)

     Fluid Dynamics

Title Author
GJ Sheard, T Leweke and K Hourigan (Monash University)
A Godbole, P Cooper, J Norrish and GR Hunt (University of Wollongong)
K Ryan, G Sheard and M Thompson (Monash University)
NM Murad, J Naser, F Alam and S Watkins (Swinburne University of Technology)
S Zaleski  (Pierre & Marie Curie University)
MA Navarro and AAC Santos (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
A Sozzi and F Taghipour (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Y Du and W Tang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
J Hu, J Gu, H Han (Dalian University of Technology, China)
B Song, Y Feng, X Zhang (School of Mechanism Engineering, USTB, Beijing)
K Bremhorst, Z Qin and C Jacobs (The University of Queensland)

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     Fluid-Solid Interactions

Title Author
M Gradinscak, S E Semercigil and OF Turan (Victoria University)
M Gradinscak, S E Semercigil and OF Turan (Victoria University)
M Kamaruddin, KP Thiagarajan, A Czajko (University of Western Australia)

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     Gas Liquid Flows

Title Author
NG Deen, M van Sint Annaland and JAM Kuipers (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
A Bui and R Manasseh (CSIRO MMT)
JJ Nijdam, O Simonin, TAG Langrish and DF Fletcher (University of Sydney)
AR Paschedag and M Wegener (TU Berlin)
N Su (Central Queensland University)
PV Cueille, ES Rosa, G Sanchez-Soto, N Noui-Mehidi and M Rivero (CSIRO MMT)

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     Gas Solid Flows

Title Author
Y Igci, S Sundaresan, S Pannala, T O'Brien and R W Breault (National Energy Technology Laboratory)
X Dong and AB Yu (University of New South Wales)
A Wachs and Y Peysson (Institut Français du Pétrole)
D Higgins and M Davidson (Melbourne University)
K Mohanarangam, J.Y.Tu and L Chen (RMIT University)
NG Deen, M van Sint Annaland and JAM Kuipers (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
BY Guo, P Zulli, D Maldonado and AB Yu (University of NSW)
B Kuan, W Yang, C Solnordal and MP Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
MJ Leahy, MR Davidson, MP Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
JA Laverman, M van Sint Annaland and JAM Kuipers (Dutch Polymer Institute, The Netherlands)
S Vun, J Naser and PJ Witt (Swinburne University of Technology)
WM Gao, LX Kong, DM Fabijanic and PD Hodgson (Deakin University)
N Novia, MS Ray and VK Pareek (Curtin University of Technology)
R Meland, IR Gran, J Melheim, ST Munkejord and NE Haugen (SINTEF Energy Research)
N Novia, MS Ray and VK Pareek (Curtin University of Technology)

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     Gravity Separation

Title Author
D Kleine, BD Reddy  (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
TV Nguyen, A Heath, and PJ Witt (CSIRO Minerals)
PTL Koh  and  MP Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
PF George, AV Nguyen and GJ Jameson (The University of Newcastle)
TY Liu, PTL Koh and MP Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
RB White, ID Šutalo and TV Nguyen  (CSIRO )
CM Nguyen and AV Nguyen (The University of Newcastle, Australia)
M Nadeem, J Ahmed, I R Chughtai (PIEAS, Pakistan)

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     Heat Transfer

Title Author
DR Lester, M Rudman and G Metcalfe (CSIRO MMT)
S Trang, D Stephens and M P Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
J Gylys, S Sinkunas, T Zdankus and V Giedraitis (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

JH Kruger and CG du Toit (North-West University, South Africa)

JS Baek and YJ Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
D Chen, Y Liu, R Benito and W Stein (CSIRO MMT)

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     Hot Metal Tapping

Title Author
A Ashrafian, S Tore Johansen (SINTEF, Norway)
M Trapani, AP Campbell and D Montgomerie (BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Smelter)
CA Snyders, JJ Eksteen and A Moshokwa (Anglo Platinum)

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     Keynote Lectures

Title Author
Andrew Shook (BHP Billiton)
SV Patankar (University of Minnesota)
Professor Jinghai Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Jan Cilliers (Royal School of Mines, Imperial College)
Mark Kendall (University of Queensland)
Harry van den Akker (Delft University of Technology)

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     Light Metals

Title Author
LI Kiss (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
YQ Feng, W Yang, M Cooksey and MP Schwarz (CSIRO Minerals)
V Bojarevics and K Pericleous (University of Greenwich, UK)
GJ Brown (Alcoa World Alumina, Australia)
PW Cleary, N Stokes, J Ha and M Prakash (CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences)
G Lane (CSIRO Minerals)
M Prakash and PW Cleary (CSIRO MIS)
AR Heath and I Livk (CSIRO Minerals)
M Kadkhodabeigi and Y Saboohi (Sharif University)

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     Mixing Vessels

Title Author
PA Tanguy, M Heniche, C Rivera, C Devals and K Takenaka (URPEI, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada)
JP Torré, DF Fletcher, T Lasuye and C Xuereb (The University of Sydney)
Y Wang, Q Rao, J Fan and W Fei (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
JE Olsen, H Laux and JB Oian (SINTEF, Norway)
JH Hwang and YJ Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
M Robinson, PW Cleary and J Monaghan (Monash University)

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     Modelling Techniques

Title Author
J Ha, PW Cleary and M Prakash  (CSIRO MIS)
NG Deen, M van Sint Annaland and JAM Kuipers (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
R Das and PW Cleary (CSIRO MIS)

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Title Author
Y Yang, B Zhou, JR Post, E Scheepers, MA Reuter and R Boom (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
D Maldonado, P Zulli, B Y Guo and AB Yu (Bluescope Steel Research Laboratories)
J Yagi, H Nogami and AB Yu (Tohoku University Japan)
E Scheepers, A T Adema, Y Yang, R Boom and MA Reuter (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

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