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  • Prof. Kerry Hourigan's team features in the January 2015 NCI newsletter on early detection of heart disease.

  • Damien McArthurs's article appears in the LEAP Australia's blog post- "Optimising FSAE Aerodynamics at Monash Motorsport".

  • FLAIR post-doctoral fellow Tim Crouch and PhD student Nathan Barry feature in Edition 66 of Ride Cycling Review , as the Monash University large wind tunnel is used to tune up the aerodynamics of members of the Orica Green-Edge team (2014).

  • FLAIR's truck aerodynamics team gets a mention in SAE International.

  • FLAIR's cycling aerodynamics team features in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on helping Australian cyclists prepare for the London Olympics.

  • FLAIR students dominate Monash e-Research scholarships - July 2009, Monash Memo. FLAIR students under the supervision of Dr Greg Sheard and Dr Kris Ryan have been awarded 3 of the 8 Monash e-Research Centre High-Performance Computing scholarships awarded across the university. Shown clockwise from the top left are Nicholas Boustead, Chris Ellis and Chris Butler. (click for full story)

  • Mark Thompson & Kerry Hourigan appear on the cover of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics - February 2009. Work published by Morten Brons, Mark Thompson & Kerry Hourigan has featured on the cover of volume 622 of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics - the premier journal in the field of fluid mechanics; (click for the featured article)

  • 50th Anniversary Research Awards - Special Commendation for Kerry Hourigan - 20 August 2008, Monash Memo
    Fifteen Monash academics received 50th Anniversary Research Awards acknowledging the exceptional contribution they have made to their field of research and the community over the 50 years of Monash University's existence.
    (click for full story)

  • 60 seconds with... Kerry Hourigan - 28 May 2008, Monash Memo.Professor Kerry Hourigan heads up the Division of Biological Engineering at Monash University, and has diverse experience in engineering and biological fluid mechanics research. Click for some insight into what makes him tick!

  • Greg Sheard features on cover of Physics of Fluids - August 2008

    Taken from the article "Flow around an impulsively arrested circular cylinder" (Phys. Fluids 19(8), 083601, 2007), this figure compares a numerical simulation (top) with experimental dye visualization (bottom) for the flow around an arrested cylinder.

  • Sheridan, Lin & Rockwell - Most-read paper in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. In May 2007, the paper "Flow past a cylinder close to a free surface", by J. Sheridan, J.-C. Lin & D. Rockwell, volume 330, 1997, was ranked as the most-read article in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics over the previous 12 months.

  • Bronwyn Stewart - Co-tutelle candidate - 2006, MRGS.
    Postgraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering have allowed me to explore an area of great interest to me while being part of a top quality Fluid Dynamics research team... Additionally, ... I was given the opportunity to enrol in a Cotutelle PhD which entails spending 12 months in France and graduating with a PhD awarded by Monash University and a Doctorat from the Université de Provence in Marseille.

  • Martin Griffith - Co-tutelle candidate - 2006, MRGS.
    I first found out about the Cotutelle program through my supervisors Professor Kerry Hourigan and Associate Professor Mark Thompson, when they wanted to start an exchange of graduate students in fluid mechanics with Thomas Leweke, a colleague at the Université de Provence in Marseille.
    (click for full story)

  • International ARC Success - 3 May 2006, Monash Memo
    ...Professor Kerry Hourigan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering will lead a project that will use fluid mechanics to gain a greater understanding of vascular diseases. The project, which will receive $40,000 over two years, involves collaboration between researchers in Denmark, France and Switzerland, through the Monash University Biomedical Engineering Technology Alliance...
    (click for full story)

  • Engineering a French Connection - 8 February 2006, Monash Memo.
    Two French PhD students are undertaking part of their research in Monash's Engineering faculty this year and two Monash PhD researchers will study in France, as part of the international collaboration program Cotutelle...
    (click for full story)

  • Monash biomedical boost - 7 December 2005, Monash Memo
    Monash will establish a world-leading biomedical research facility with an Australian Research Council grant worth $1.3 million.
    (click for full story)

  • Dr Greg Sheard's medal-winning PhD thesis - 8 June 2005, Monash Memo.
    The most outstanding theses from last year's Monash PhD students have been recognised with the awarding of the annual Mollie Holman doctoral medals
    (click for full story)

  • Mark Thompson & Kerry Hourigan in Gallery of Fluid Motion - September 2004, American Institute of Physics.
    Winning entries from the 21st Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion exhibit, held at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics. Winners include Dr Thomas Leweke, A/Prof Mark C. Thompson & Prof Kerry Hourigan, for their work
    (follow link to Gallery of Fluid Motion exhibit page)

  • $1.6 million in grants opens up new research - 23 February 1999, Monash Memo
    Research into green chemistry, biological invasions, drug absorption and humanoid robotics are just some of the new projects that have won start-up funding under the Strategic Monash University Research projects funded for 1999 include...Engineering - investigating control of flow-induced noise, $105,000, a collaborative project between Associate Professor Kerry Hourigan at Clayton and Professor Robin Alfredson...

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