Third M.I.T. Conference on
Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14–17, 2005
Fluids 88 papers
Note: Papers are listed alphabetically by author surname

 Anilkumar, D., Roy, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Nonsimilar solution of an unsteady mixed convection flow on a moving slender cylinder
 Anwer, S.F., Hasan, N., Sanghi, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Study of unsteady flow past a circular cylinder using a new computational approach at the outflow boundary
 Arora, D., Behr, M., Coronado-Matutti, O., Pasquali, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Estimation of hemolysis in centrifugal blood pumps using morphology tensor approach
 Assad, S.M., Lim, C.C., Abstract  Full Text
 Monte-Carlo simulations of baroclinic vortices
 Behr, M., Arora, D., Coronado-Matutti, O.M., Pasquali, M., Abstract  Full Text
 GLS-type finite element methods for viscoelastic fluid flow simulation
 Benim, A.C., Nahavandi, A., Syed, K.J., Abstract  Full Text
 T-RANS based analysis of turbulent swirling flows.
 Blackmore, D., Knio, O., Ting, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Perturbed three-point vortex problems
 Bruneau, Ch.H., Fischer, P., Peter, Z., Yger, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Matching pursuit with POD modes dictionaries in the analysis of 2D turbulence signals and images
 Castro, M.A., Putman, C.M., Cebral, J.R., Abstract  Full Text
 Application of vascular CFD for clinical evaluation of cerebral aneurysms
 Cebral, J.R., Castro, M.A., Putman, C.M., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical simulation of flow alterations after carotid artery stenting from multi-modality image data
 Cesnik, C.E.S., Palacios, R., Abstract  Full Text
 On the application of asymptotic reduction methods of slender structures to fluid–structure interaction problems
 Christon, M.A., Patil, R.S., Abstract  Full Text
 A finite element projection method for low-Mach number reacting flows
 Collis, S.S., Ramakrishnan, S., Abstract  Full Text
 The local variational multiscale method
 Comini, G., Nonino, C., Savino, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Modelling of coupled conduction and convection under dehumidifying conditions
 Dellar, P.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Lattice and discrete Boltzmann equations for fully compressible flow.
 Fedele, F., Abstract  Full Text
 A new computational paradigm for the statistics of extreme events in nonlinear random seas
 Fedele, F., Hitt, D.L., Abstract  Full Text
 Transport, growth and stability of disturbances in weakly rarefied channel flows
  Glimm, J., Kim, M.N., Li, X.-L., Samulyak, R, Xu, Z.-L., Abstract  Full Text
 Jet simulation in a diesel engine
 Goussis, D.A., Skevis, G., Abstract  Full Text
 Nitrogen chemistry controlling steps in methane–air premixed flames
 Gravemeier, V., Abstract  Full Text
 A two-grid finite volume method for variational multiscale large eddy simulation of turbulent flows
 Guenther, S., Oberlack, M., Abstract  Full Text
 On the application of symmetry methods for turbulence modelling
 Guermond, J.-L., Prudhomme, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Toward a definition of LES
 He J.-H., Abstract  Full Text
 A brief review on mathematical models for electrospinning
 Heinrich, J.C., Poirier, D.R., Zhao, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Simulating dendritic growth with convection
 Hoekstra, A.G., Abstract  Full Text
 Image-based computational hemodynamics with the Lattice Boltzmann method
 Ishii, K., Nihei, T., Adachi, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical analysis of 3-D lid-driven cavity flows with different spanwise aspect ratios
 Ismail-Zadeh, A., Korotkii, A., Schubert, G., Tsepelev, I., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical reconstruction of the initial temperature of diapiric structures in the Earth: effect of the heat diffusion
 Josyula, E., Xu, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Nonequilibrium relaxation in high-temperature gas flows
 Kageyama, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Yin–Yang grid and geodynamo simulation
 Kandala, R., Candler G.V., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical studies of laser-induced energy deposition for supersonic flow control
 Kevlahan, N.K.-R., Abstract  Full Text
 Topology change of vortices using stochastic differential equations
 Kohno, H., Bathe, K.J., Abstract  Full Text
 On the flow-condition-based interpolation approach for incompressible
 Krause, E., Abstract  Full Text
 Breakdown revisited
 Le, D.V., Khoo, B.C., Peraire, J., Abstract  Full Text
 An immersed interface method for the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations in irregular domains
 Lee, J.C., Najm, H.N., Lefantzi, S., Ray, J., Frenklach, M., Valorani, M., Goussis D.A., Abstract  Full Text
 On chain branching and its role in homogeneous ignition and premixed flame propagation.
 Leschziner, M.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Large eddy simulation in support of RANS modelling
 Leupi, C., Miglio, E., Altinakar, M.S., Abstract  Full Text
 Three-dimensional numerical modelling of curved open channel using nonhydrostatic turbulent finite element solver for free-surface flows
 Lin, X., Williams, J.R., Abstract  Full Text
 A .NET grid computing system applied to Lattice–Boltzmann
 Ling, G.C., Niu, J.Y., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical analysis of two distinct types of vortex dislocation in wake-type flows with different spanwise nonuniformities
 López, J.I.H., Meneghini, J.R., Aranha, J.A.P., Saltara, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Solenoidal invariance of the dynamics for stability calculations
 Maglaras, E., Garnier, F., Abstract  Full Text
 Compressible effects on ice particle growth in turbulent jets
 Manservisi, S., Aulisa E., Marra, V., Scardovelli, R., Abstract  Full Text
 A FEM Navier–Stokes solver coupled to a front-tracking algorithm for two-phase flows
 Mao, S., Luongo, C.A., Kopriva, D.A., Abstract  Full Text
 Discontinuous Galerkin spectral element simulation of a type of wave propagation with large source terms
 Medic, G., Abstract  Full Text
 RANS computations of artery flows
 Mikusky, E., Owinoh, A.Z., Klein, R., Abstract  Full Text
 On the influence of diabatic effects on the motion of 3D-mesoscale vortices within a baroclinic shear flow
 Moen, C.D., Domino, S.P., Wagner, G.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Approximate projection methods and time integration stability
 Mühlhaus, H.-B., Davies, M., Gross, L., Moresi, L., Abstract  Full Text
 Non-Newtonian effects in simple models of mantle convection
 Mureithi, N.W., Abstract  Full Text
 O(2) symmetry constrained mode interactions in 2D cylinder wake flow
 Nakagawa, T., Tackley, P.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Three-dimensional numerical simulations of thermo-chemical multiphase convection in the Earth’s mantle
 Nalibo., J.B., Kellogg, L.H., Abstract  Full Text
 Mixing in a convecting viscous fluid: applications to the Earth’s mantle
 Oluwole, O., Green, W.H., Abstract  Full Text
 Rigorous error control in reacting flow simulations using reduced chemistry models
 Palmer, A.S., Phillips, T.N., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical approximation of the spectra of Poiseuille flow of two Phan-Thien Tanner liquids
 Pathak, K.A., Povitsky, A., Abstract  Full Text
 Inviscid and viscous CFD modeling of plume dynamics in laser ablation
 Popovac, M., Hanjalic, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Compound wall treatment for RANS computation of complex turbulent flows
 Qu, Y.-H., He, J.-H., Ke, Q.-F., Abstract  Full Text
 Improvement of fiber twisting and crimping in the melt-blowing process
 Raman, V., Pitsch, H., Abstract  Full Text
 Consistent hybrid LES-FDF simulation of turbulent reactive flows
 Rawal, A., Davies, P.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Simulation of polymer flow in a rotating die-slot
 Riabov, V.V., Abstract  Full Text
 Three fast computational approximation methods in hypersonic aerothermodynamics
 Sahu, S., Baker, A.J., Abstract  Full Text
 A modified conservation law approach to improved finite element incompressible Navier–Stokes algorithms
 Salinger, A.G., Abstract  Full Text
 Computational stability study of 3D flow in a differentially heated 8:1:1 cavity
 Schmitz, S., Chattot, J.-J., Abstract  Full Text
 Influence of the vortical wake behind wind turbines using a coupled Navier–Stokes/vortex-panel methodology
 Schötzau, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Incompressible velocity approximations for incompressible fluid flow using DG methods
 Schwane, R., Xia, Y., Abstract  Full Text
 Investigation of nozzle stability for the first ovalization mode by numerical solution of the fluid–structure interaction problem
 Shapiro, E., Drikakis, D., Abstract  Full Text
 High-resolution computational modelling of multi-material flows
 Sheard, G.J., Thompson, M.C., Hourigan, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Wake mode development for flow past low aspect ratio cylinders
 Sircar, S.K., Sengupta, T.K., Abstract  Full Text
 Receptivity of a low Reynolds number Bickley jet to harmonic vortical excitation
 Son E.E., Tarasova, E.N., Zubkov, P.T., Abstract  Full Text
 Fully developed two-phase liquid–liquid flow in a finned duct
 Song, X., Loos, A.C., Grimsley, B.W., Cano, R.J., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling resin infusion of composite sandwich structures by the VARTM process
  Speth, R.L., Marzouk, Y.M., Ghoniem, A.F.,Abstract  Full Text
 A quasi-one-dimensional unsteady laminar flame formulation with independent strain rate and curvature
 Steijl, R., Barakos, G., Badcock, K., Abstract  Full Text
 Assessment of simulation techniques for rotor loads prediction
 Thomas, S.J., St-Cyr, A., Nair, R.D., Abstract  Full Text
 A hybrid Galerkin atmospheric model
 Tian, F., Kwok, D.Y., Abstract  Full Text
 A lattice Boltzmann study on trade-off between mixing and flow efficiency for electroosmotic flow in heterogeneous microchannels with nonuniform surface potentials
 Tralli, A., Gaudenzi, P., Abstract  Full Text
 FEM simulation of unsteady viscous incompressible fluids flows
 Tuliszka-Sznitko, E., Serre, E., Bontoux, P., Abstract  Full Text
 Numerical investigation of flow instability in rotating cavities
 Ubertini, S., Rossi, N., Bella, G., Succi, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Extension of the LBM to 3D fully unstructured grids
 Valorani, M., Creta, F., Goussis, D.A., Najm, H.N., Lee, J.C., Abstract  Full Text
 Chemical kinetics mechanism simplification via CSP
 Van der Pijl, S.P., Segal, A., Vuik, C., Abstract  Full Text
 Modeling of three-dimensional bubbly flows with a mass-conserving level-set method
 Vande Voorde, J., Vierendeels, J., Dick, E., Abstract  Full Text
 A Laplacian-based grid manipulator for ALE calculations in screw compressors
 Vanden-Abeele, D., Degrez, G., Abstract  Full Text
 Scaling laws for the high-pressure inductively coupled plasma torch under thermochemical non-equilibrium
 Vazquez, R., Krstic, M., Abstract  Full Text
 Explicit feedback control for a thermal convection loop
 Vigneron, D., Vaassen J.-M., Essers, J.-A., Abstract  Full Text
 An implicit high order cell-centered finite volume scheme for the solution of three-dimensional Navier– Stokes equations on unstructured grids
 Volkov, K.N., Abstract  Full Text
 Large-eddy simulation of turbulent gas-particle flows in the duct induced by the wall injection
 Vujičić, M.R., Lavery, N.P., Brown, S.G.R., Abstract  Full Text
 Benchmark experimental data for radiative heat transfer prediction
 Weaver, D.S., Abstract  Full Text
 An overview of vortex shedding and acoustic resonance in tube arrays
 Yang, J., Preidikman, S., Balaras, E., Abstract  Full Text
 Large-eddy simulations of fluid–structure interaction problems
 Zahid, M.A., Guddati, M.N., Abstract  Full Text
 Efficient modeling of dispersive wave propagation in unbounded domains
 Zhang, Y., Glimm, J., Dutta, S., Abstract  Full Text
 Tracked flame simulation for a type Ia supernova
 Zhong,W., Pan, N., Lukas, D., Abstract  Full Text
 Multi-scale modeling of liquid transport in fibrous materials